Rebuild Kerala

Devastating floods have displaced coconut and cashew farmers involved in the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala Co-op (FTAK) in Kerala, India. Fair World Project have teamed up with National Cooperative Grocers, a cooperative community of retail food co-ops, to raise $50,000 to support the effort to rebuild in Kerala.

Produced by Movement Media for Fair World Project

Vol. 4 – Issue 4 | April 2018
Introducing Grow Ahead

Grow Ahead is an online lending and funding program that connects individuals and organizations directly to family farmer organizations. By lending and contributing through Grow Ahead, consumers and organizations will be able to support the agroecological solutions and farmer-led trainings that have a proven track record of success in farming communities.

Produced by Movement Media with Gather Films for Fair World Project and Grow Ahead.

Small Farmers Cool the Planet