We are activists at heart and publicists by trade. Our mission is to create and anchor public relations and communications infrastructure and offer tools to support growth, strengthen dialogue, build movements, sustain momentum, amplify unheard voices, and influence social change.

Movement Media is a full-service public relations firm.

Movement Media is a full-service public relations firm. We provide public affairs, media relations, and communications services for mission-driven clients that work to advance
progressive social change.

We represent leading natural product companies, progressive businesses, nonprofit organizations, and grassroots activists. We strive to be stewards of our clients’ stories and message while working to anchor their communications strategy and amplify their media presence with authenticity and integrity.

Our work has helped build businesses and organizations, influenced laws and policy, and advanced a variety of causes including fair trade, organic standards, animal protection, industrial hemp farming, labeling GMO foods, drug policy reform, environmental justice, sustainable agriculture, and the movement to raise the minimum wage.

What We Do

We work with organizations and people whose purpose and work we admire and believe in, and who we know we have something to offer.

We offer a fresh, creative, and effective approach to generating media coverage and bringing issues to the forefront of public awareness. We take pride in getting our clients’ voices heard. We excel at generating media coverage of issues that matter. We book our clients on podcasts, television, and radio; generate news stories in leading news outlets; coordinate media coverage of large events, momentous campaigns, and breaking news stories. We facilitate documentaries and book projects and are experts in managing the day-to-day of public relations and communications work for short term results and long-haul impact.

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How we are different

Movement Media is a different kind of public relations firm. We support clients and projects that aren’t served by conventional public relations. We exist for companies and organizations with stories and narratives that challenge the way things are and the way we are told things must be done. We work in social change communications.

Since we began, firms like us have become more common. What’s especially unique about us is that collectively, and as individuals, we are rooted in and are shaped by the progressive subcultures and grassroots movements that popular movements and true social transformation emerges from, both historically and today. We are a unique team of activists who are also communications professionals. We have come together from a variety of movements and backgrounds. This is why we say ‘we are activists at heart, and publicists by trade’.

We know how to talk about change efforts authentically and with integrity—in the activist sphere and the business sphere—and in the places where the two interconnect. We have seen a shift from the work we do being uncommon to the framing of “change-making” and “mission-driven” being among the leading ways brands and corporations’ market themselves and how run-of-the-mill mainstream organizations promote their work. Greenwashing, cause-washing, and now woke-washing is seemingly everywhere. What’s real news? What’s fake news? What’s mere virtue signaling and what’s an authentic expression of a commitment to do the real work necessary to make a more just world?

We have been working in the realm of “business for good” before it was popular and before the people and companies who made it necessary through unethical deeds became interested in its value proposition. Why does this matter? Because good social change communications work must be anchored not by trends or profit motive but by demonstrated authentic commitment. Day-to-day work and actions must reflect a brand or organization’s professed values and stated intentions. Communications need to informed by a deep understanding of the core audiences who influence and shape discourse and how to communicate to them, from the grassroots to the mainstream, from micro-influencers to mass media and main stage thought leaders, from those creating sub-cultures to those shifting the over-all culture.


We Are Movement Media

Our Work Includes: