At Movement Media, we’re passionate about what we do. We are fortunate to collaborate with people whose work we love, admire, and believe in. Here’s what some of our partners and colleagues have to say about us.

David Bronner

CEO of Dr. Bronner’s

“Movement Media has demonstrated time and again that they can not only professionally distill and rock our brand message and mission across many platforms, but they also get what we’re about in a deep, soulful way that translates as deeply authentic and compelling to journalists and other media professionals.”

Dana Geffner

Executive Director of Fair World Project

“Ryan Fletcher’s understanding and ability to communicate the complexity of our mission and vision in the global economy has helped us achieve high-value media placements that pay off immediately and for years later. Ryan and his team at Movement Media have been a pleasure to work with on every level.”

Bruce Friedrich

Executive Director, The Good Food Institute

“Ryan Fletcher and the Movement Media team combine the best elements of both movements and media. What they have that other PR firms don’t is a boundless passion for making the world a better place. What they have that is unparalleled among activists is strategic sensibility and the ability to frame messages in a way that captures the media’s imagination. In short, Ryan and his team fuse the PR experience and instincts of the excellent firm that they are with total commitment to the causes of their clients. Best. PR Firm. Ever.”

Mark Andersen

Co-Founder of Positive Force DC and director of We Are Family

“Ryan Fletcher of Movement Media has been active in movements for two decades, fighting for social change on the front lines as well as working behind the scenes, helping to craft messages and build campaigns that move people into action. He has a keen creative sensibility, a fighting heart, and a dynamite work ethic, and he’s skilled with the tools we all need in order to speak our truths with passion, power, and precision. Ryan knows how to make an impact, and he’s a dynamic partner in the work.”

Michael Bronner

President of Dr. Bronner’s

“I’ve worked with Ryan Fletcher of Movement Media since 2009 to coordinate PR around the world; he has an extraordinary ability for assessing the needed direction in different global markets where our products and brand have varying levels of penetration.

In America, where we’re firmly entrenched, Ryan regularly earns us media for our company ethos and activist campaigns that goes far to generate goodwill for our brand and our causes. In other countries where we need to build the market, Ryan employs a product-forward approach, which gives our brand much-needed visibility across a variety of media outlets. Ryan is a great listener who chooses his words carefully. When he talks, everyone listens.”

Farah Fossé

Former Director of Affordable Housing Preservation, Latino Economic Development Center

“Movement Media leveraged its contacts and knowledge of the press to get our issue – the lack of city oversight around poor housing conditions in Washington, D.C. – into the media at the time that mattered most. Having the issue explored and exposed by major news outlets not only created a broader awareness of the issue but ultimately led to the campaign’s success.

When the time came, our members were ready to speak on the issue, thanks to training and materials developed with Movement Media’s support. The community members loved the training, which involved practicing with a real mic and camera. Having knowledgeable and connected communications support really propelled our grassroots campaign.”

Kristi Chester Vance

Deputy director of STAND (formerly ForestEthics)

“Movement Media listens thoughtfully, pitches powerfully and secures great stories – all the while helping clients tweet and post all about it.”

Christina Volgyesi

Director of Marketing, Dr. Bronner’s

“The team at Movement Media have provided public affairs and media relations consulting for Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps for many years. Ryan Fletcher, as director of public affairs and media relations, brings solid strategic planning expertise and communications management to each project he undertakes. Whether helping us further public education around our core issues (such as organic integrity in body care, animal welfare or the re-commercialization of industrial hemp); communicating product rollouts domestically and abroad, or helping us produce cause-based videos, Movement Media has always developed public relations strategies that strengthen our business objectives and produce results with creativity and professionalism.”

Daniel McGowan

Former political prisoner and subject of the Academy Award nominated film “If A Tree Falls”

“Ryan Fletcher was an absolute lifeline for me when I was indicted on federal terrorism charges in 2005 and when in 2008 I was sent to a prison unit that severely restricted and monitored all outside communication. He offered assistance to my family and friends in the months after my arrest. Later, he helped craft a long-term public relations strategy to help counter mainstream media perceptions of me and my co-defendants. When the Bureau of Prisons sent me to the restrictive unit, Ryan helped me pitch articles to the Huffington Post and raise awareness about the secret unit. He has been nothing but solid, dependable, and skilled in creating campaigns, making connections and communicating progressive messages to large audiences.”

Movement Media represents leading natural product companies, progressive businesses, nonprofit organizations, and grassroots activists. We strive to be stewards of our clients’ stories and message while working to anchor their communications strategy and amplify their media presence with authenticity and integrity.