Dr. Bronner’s Support for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and Plant Medicines

Dr. Bronner’s Heal Soul campaign highlights organizations doing amazing work to bring psychedelic-assisted therapies and plant medicines into the mainstream. The campaign features MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), the Oregon Psilocybin Therapy Measure (Yes on 109), Decrim Nature DC 2020 ballot measure, Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative, VETS: Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions, Inc., and Heroic Hearts Project. As part of the campaign, Dr. Bronner’s has launched a limited edition Heal Soul 32oz soap label. To learn more, visit: https://drbronner.com/heal-soul

Psychedelic-assisted therapy was recently granted ‘breakthrough designation’ by the FDA for use in treating PTSD and major depressive disorder—epidemics for which pharmaceutical drugs have fallen short! The Bronner family is no stranger to severe depression and anxiety. They understand the pain and frustration of many Americans for whom current treatments do not work—pharma drugs that bring too little relief and too many side effects. It is time to end the needless suffering of millions! Support psychedelic-assisted therapies and medicines to heal the soul! Help make better treatments available for PTSD, depression, end-of-life anxiety, and addiction.

Produced by Movement Media and Steve Jeter for Dr. Bronner's