Hemp History Week

Movement Media and members of our team have developed and executed communications and media relations strategy for the Hemp History Week campaign since it began in 2009.

Hemp History Week is an annual public education campaign founded by Vote Hemp and the Hemp Industries Association that includes grassroots events, promotions on hemp products in stores, hemp plantings, documentary screenings, and lobbying. Each spring during the week, the country’s rich history with industrial hemp is celebrated and the public is educated about the barriers to and benefits of hemp farming. Hemp History Week sends a strong message to policymakers to remove barriers to hemp farming and let farmers grow the versatile and profitable crop. The campaign engages consumers – showcasing the range of hemp products and the nutritional as well as environmental benefits they provide — while driving sales and interest in hemp brands that are innovating environmentally friendly products.

Hemp History Week is endorsed by celebrities and high-profile wellness experts, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Alicia Silverstone, Phil Lempert, Ashley Koff R.D., Brendan Brazier, Elizabeth Kucinich, Ziggy Marley, Alexandra Jamieson, Jason Mraz, Dar Williams, Michael Franti, John Salley, Doug Fine, and Grammy award winning band Ozomatli.

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